The Top 3 most watched cartoons of the 90s

For many of us the 90s were full of awkward growing pains, funky haircuts, shameless moments of embarrassment due to our out of touch parents… Sorry mom. In the midst of all our early years we found solace in the cartoon world.

I was surfing the channels with my son the other when we stumbled upon some reruns of “Darkwing Duck”… I took this opportunity to try to take my son on a trip down memory lane with me; a trip he was not too excited about haha. We quickly changed to channel to Cartoon Network, which hasn’t showed cartoons since the last time MTV played a music video.

This moment with my son inspired this next blog post, I went in search of the top 3 most watched cartoons and I came across some gems that I had completely forgotten. So get ready to feel super old! haha.

The Rugrats

The Rugrats were a quintessential part of the 90’s for all of us. Talking babies, parents who don’t understand, and full of adventures and fantasy. I went back and watched an episode of Rugrats and I found that there were a lot of jokes that the writers and producers placed into the show that were exclusively meant for an adult watching it with his child…

I sat my son down, we watched, we laughed, we bonded. This was a huge part of my childhood, and my son happened to love it! any chance we can get a Rugrats come back?


The Ren & Stimpy Show

Wow! I forgot how crazy Ren & Stimpy got on this show. Needless to say I chose to watch this one without my son. This was an awesome part of my childhood, as I watched for strictly research purposes of course… I sat in my living room while my wife and son were out shopping, and I went into full Saturday morning mode.

I grabbed the biggest bowl in the house, and filled it with my sons most sugar filled cereal and went to town. As I’m sitting there I realized how lucky we all were to be able to experience such an over the top show as kids. The antics that Ren & Stimpy took part in kept us laughing for days, even if a lot of it was going over our heads. Watch an episode of Ren & Stimpy and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Rocko’s Modern Life

If you grew up in the 90s then you are all to familiar with the endless trials of Rocko’s modern life… The catchy theme song would energize you and immediately prompt you to jump up and dance. All there characters were animals, this aspect fed our need for creativity and imagination.

This show like the previous Ren & Stimpy is filled with innuendos both sexual and non sexual that were meant to keep an older audiences and kids entertained alike. This show did a great job at walking that thin line, I think all of us would appreciate watching a few episodes of Rocko’s modern life today, and you’d be surprised how much of the stature is actually timeless.

This was one of the funnest articles i’ve gotten the chance to write, not because I got to watch old cartoons to write it… But because All these Cartoons represented an amazing period in our lives. We grew up with characters like Tommy and Chuckey (Rugrats) and we laughed with Ren & Stimpy even though we sometimes didn’t understand why we were laughing. The 90s were good to us, and for that we are forever grateful.



Scooby Dooby… Where Are You?

Scooby Doo was one of my favorite cartoons growing up! Something about talking dogs always attracted me as a kid. I would sit down with my huge bowl of cereal, completely ignoring my homework or any other important responsibility just to get my fix. My dad was a driver and usually came home late, and he would always catch me asleep in front of the television with with the empty cereal bowl in my lap.

Although the show was super predicable, it was still very entertaining and fun to watch. Besides the standards of a 9 year old are no where near that of an adult today.

The Funny thing is watching the show today gives you a fresh perspective into what how good the writers actually were. They found a way to communicate actual issues, in a funny child like manner. Shaggy was actually a pot head, yet I never noticed till recently. When you really think of it, it was completely obvious… He always had the munchies, he always seemed a step behind the rest of the gang, and he would have full blown conversations with Scoody. If those are symptoms of a pothead to you then you may not know many potheads to begin with.

This week’s cartoon song is none other than the catchy Scooby Doo theme song, Click on the YouTube link to be transported to those after school days when you would sit in front of the television waiting for the gang to solve their next mystery. Laugh as Scooby and Shaggy committ their usual fuck ups, and rejoice as they catch the criminal who was under their nose the entire time.

Scooby Doo is definitely the best way to kick off our first post here at Cartoon Songs, Don’t forget to share this article on Facebook and Twitter so your friends can join in on the fun as well.

See you next week.